Meets Industrial Demand

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Approximate energy created per $100, by energy source

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Electricity generation represents only 42% of global energy demand. Power for industry represents 29% of global demand, and it is virtually entirely dependent on fossil fuels. The reason is two-fold: a) only fossil fuels can achieve the heat needed for intense industrial processes, such as chemical production, steel fabrication, aluminium smelting, and many others, and; b) only fossil fuel plants can be right-sized to meet the needs of industrial facilities. These two characteristics of industrial power eliminate the possibility for hydro power, solar or wind power, and conventional nuclear power.

The IMSR® is uniquely well-suited to industry because it is: a high-temperature system; a scalable power system, able to be right-sized to fit the industrial need, and; a low-cost power solution, which can completely economically with fossil fuels. Unlike fossil fuel power, the IMSR® is carbon-free power source.

A few more reasons our advanced nuclear IMSR®
is the planet’s smartest energy plan: